Amazing Nail watch...redefining watches!‏

See how your thumb look in the future!!



What's that on your thumb? Nail-art? Nope its showing time. Yes, anything that shows time is called a watch. Agreed, a watch is never seen on a thumb but times have changed thanks to Timex. Timex, in collaboration with Core77, held a global design competition called 2154: the future of time design. So what you are seeing here is the TX54 concept. A little about this nail watch now, it is an amazing disposable clock and calendar that can be worn on the user's thumbnail. The amazing nail clock makes seeing in the dark as easy as pressing down on the end of your thumbnail

I think a disposable nail watch is something really out of the box. Wonder how much this concept will sell. Its stylish no doubt, but with such sassy, classy and amazing wrist watches around, don't know if this will survive the competition. Surprisingly, this was the runner up!